Directions and Philosophies
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If this were a commercial site, this section would likely be labeled as a Mission Statement and be relatively short, succinct, and to the point. I will try to be succinct (as in relatively concise) and to the point but it is doubtful that anyone will consider it short. Our love for and involvement with the afghan hound is deeply rooted in a number of principles and love, and as such can not be summarized in twenty words or less. We have an evolving passionate affair with the hound... and anyone that may be touched by it or who may want to adopt a result of the program needs to understand where we're coming from.


Deb and I have had and raised (and been raised by) afghan hounds since 1979.  The first one we made a commitment to was a cream domino bitch, Dominique, but the first to come into our household (we had to wait for Dominique to reach the age the breeder would permit us to pick her up) was an apricot brindle male, Tut.  Relatively soon after the first two, we acquired a third, a blue bitch named Satin.  We had done no real research and really didn't even contemplate a breeding program (nor did we consider breeding for the next twenty plus years). In our original search, Deb wanted a large dog and I wanted one that exuded personality... we decided AFGHAN!! No plan and no research but we loved and respected our afs. While we have never considered them to be our children, they shared our home from the first moment, first with our then 5 year old daughter then in 1980, our newborn son.  We made some early efforts to show but were exposed to some rather demeaning comments degrading us for daring set foot in the ring... we wrote THAT (showing) off for a long time.

Over the next 20 or so years: Dominique passed at an early age (about 3);  we moved several times then added two more members to the family... Cezanne, a self masked red male (saved from the pound), and Abra, a lovely cream bitch (adopted from a young couple having their first child). During that period, we peaked out with four afs in the house. They remained intact (except where medical necessity dictated otherwise) but intentionally were not bred. Cezanne passed prematurely at seven or eight (we never did know his true age or background). The remainder each lived to the age of fifteen or greater. With two exceptions, our home has always been a permanent home for the afghan hounds that came to it.


The last of our first wave, Abra, passed during the Thanksgiving of 2001 holiday period. We had essentially become an empty nest (on the two legged side) and talked of remaining a pet-free home as well, to allow us more freedom to travel and such. That fleeting sanity held sway for less than a week. There were some absurd thoughts (not by me!) about another breed, but reasoned insanity remained and we set out to find a new family member.

Our search lead us to Dyann Callahan (Sakkarra) in Louisville, Ky. where we found Coffee, a young black and tan male, that soon became tightly bonded to us. Coincidentally, it was Dyann's mother who had 22+ years earlier sold us Satin. We were very pleased with Coffee from both a structure and temperament standpoint and soon took his brother Disco, a super sweet domino. Issues developed between Disco and our son's friends resulting in the first of only two afghans to leave our home for reasons other than crossing the bridge.  To replace him we temporarily took SheTanna (to keep Coffee company) until Dyann had a new litter (to furnish a replacement). That temporary placement became permanent as we elected to work with Dyann on a breeding program.

As part of that program, we co-purchased Loco from Summerwinds in San Diego (driving 4400 miles - round trip - to pick him up). We co-bred two litters using Loco and Dyann's Sterling's Oceanus. From the first litter, we kept a self masked cream bitch, Summer (AnamCara Sakkarra Madam Summerwind).  From the second, we kept a black masked red bitch, Shania. In between litters, we added our precocious regal Chew (Adorah's Retro Active).

Along the way, our efforts have separated from those of Sakkarra. (Loco is now co-owned only with his gracious breeder, Rosemary Sutton). Additionally, we added two additional dogs to the breeding program, Cara (Sterling's AnamCara - out of Polo's In the Air Tonight and Sterling's Desert Mirage) and Quigley (Sterling's CridheTreun - out of Gengala's Super Trooper and Sterling's Desert Mirage). These two were cousins to Summer and had Chew's linage in their background. Summer, Chew, Cara, and Quigley are wholly owned by Deb and I. Chew and Quigley now have their championships.) We have added a last cornerstone, Leah (Ch Jakar Kjavu Made You Look), to finish the core foundation of our breeding program. A great deal of thought and planning have been (and continued to be) put into the foundation of Anam Cara Cu, our kennel. We consider that core to be Summer, Chew, Cara, Quigley, and Leah. (Loco sired the first cornerstone and while not part of the foundation, remains an integral part of the family as well.)

Backing up: Starting in the spring of 2003, we re-entered the show world and have been attending and participating in a fair number of shows .

In the fall of 2004, we added (mentioned previously and what we thought would be) the next to last piece to the foundation of our program. A beautiful precocious bundle of dynamite packaged as a cream domino bitch out of Sterling's Desert Mirage (Demi) and Ch Polo's In the Air Tonight (Aries) that we've named Sterling's Anam Cara (call name Cara).

Then a very special opportunity has come along...  what was supposed to the last piece of and addition to the foundation of our breeding program came to join us on July 1, 2006. (Very sadly, the day after we had to make the hard decision to take Coffee, suffering from an intestinal lymphoma, to the Rainbow bridge -a heartbreaking day that I still am not over). A half brother to Cara, Ch Sterling's Cridhe Treun (call name Quigley) out of  Sterling's Desert Mirage (Demi) and Australian Grand Champion Ch Gengala's Super Trooper (Ewok) joined us and is doing a great job of keeping our heart afloat.

And finally, what (barring an extraordinary situation) is the last piece to the foundation, we were blessed with a precocious bundle of energy, Ch Jakar Kjavu Made You Look (call name Leah). Leah is a beautiful soundly built black masked silver bitch. (I still have to catch up and get her pics and info added soon.)


While it may appear otherwise to some on the outside world, we have tried to make a careful stepped expansion of our foundation to ensure that home is enjoyable to all, human and afghan hound alike. That foundation IS now firmly set. While key members of the group played a pivotal role in getting to this point, the core moving forward consists of the five buppies (big puppies), Summer, Chew, Cara, Quigley, and Leah.

Our program is firmly rooted in Sterling Afghans, from their strong foundation built on old Kabik Afghans. We have bolstered the past with significant contributions (and reinforcement of the Kabik roots through and) from Jorogz and Tarina through Adorah, further reinforcement from Gengala, and the fruits of an outcross to Summerwinds. We've added additional seasoning through Jakar-Kjavu. The goal is a synergistic blend of sound structure, form (movement), attitude, and temperament based on the standard. In our minds, no one factor overtly outweighs the others, nor can any of them be viewed as expendable.

The first stage of the initial story to be built on the foundation came in the Fall of 2007. Chew and Summer conspired to deliver that piece of the puzzle on the day of giving thanks, Thanksgiving Day.  Living with and intimately knowing the temperament of both the dam and sire is vitally important to us. This pairing has produced a precocious but very well tempered and consistent litter. Nine came into the world but one was taken before he was a week old. The surviving eight (3 dogs and 5 bitches) have been growing like weeds. Check them out on the puppy picture page. At the moment, we still have two of the litter in house, Wings (AnamCara Wind Beneath My Wings) and Kisses (AnamCara Kisses Sweeter than Wine).

Since that Day of Giving Thanks, both Chew and Quigley have completed their championships.

The second stage came in the spring of 2010 with the mating of Cara (Sterling's AnamCara) to Whip (MyWays One for My Baby Tristar). This was a very strong linebreeding and produced five vociferous puppies (3 dogs and 2 bitches).

  now  ;-))



We continue our schedule of showing the crew. While all (eligible) will be shown over the course of the year(s), special efforts will be made to finish Summer once her coat grows back. While waiting for that, Cara (singled out), Leah (just starting, and likely one of the puppies will be our focus. Chew and Quigley will be shown at selected specialties and all breeds.  Resources and time control the harsh reality of campaigning. We're in it for the breeding program, not the ribbons.


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